Whisky & Lit

This past week has been an ongoing celebration of my hubby. To be honest, I wish we could celebrate him the whole month. Any objections to making January Bob-uary? That was terrible, let’s just act like that didn’t happen. . .

Truly though, he is such a wonderful guy. Like, our life is far from perfect, but gosh I am so lucky to have him. I will not bore you by gushing on here, because, like I said, last week was all. the. gushing.  

But isn’t the best part of birthdays the space they make for you to celebrate that person, really honor them and remind them of what a blessing they are?

Anyway, saturday the 21st I pulled off surprising him with Twentyone Pilots tickets. Which, if I am honest was just as much a gift to me as it was to him. (Seriously these guys are UNBELIEVABLE, I was going to link to my favorite, but I couldn’t choose, so I will just leave this here…  

Wednesday was his actual birthday, and we went to his parents for dinner. By his request (and in his words) we had “meat-drunk” dinner, literally mom just made all the meats (steak, chicken, sausage), and of course he loved it!

Then this past saturday, the main event, a Whisky & Literature party. I can’t really tell you how the idea was born, because it was all him. He emailed all his best guy friends and asked that they show up armed with whisky to share and an excerpt from their favorite piece of literature to read aloud.

He would have been happy to leave it at that, I mean he is the type of guy who would buy you a gift and give it to you in whatever bag the store put it in. He is just not a frills guy, but I am a frills girl and dang it, it’s not a party without some frill!

But it’s not about me so I did my best to keep it simple.

I grabbed an old book from a thrift store and got to cutting!


I made some bunting using the perfectly yellowed pages and strung them up around the apartment


img_4880One of my favorite touches was these little graphics (that I may have spent too much time making, but who’s keeping track?) of quotes relating to birthdays or whisky that we hung up around the apartment using these adorable wood pants hangers.



Not only did they look awesome (I can say that right?) from what the hubs told me, the guys thought they were great, and they made for some great conversation. So woot woot, let me toot that horn!

I made a crap ton of food, because I come from a big italian family, which, if you are unfamiliar means you are never sure there will be enough, and there is no worse catastrophe than not having enough food. So I made sure to have my bases covered.

From the hubby’s report the night was a smashing success (I had to work that night, so it was a guys only). The whisky was tasty (obv) and the conversation was deep and meaningful. It’s crazy to think that many of these guys were meeting for the first time, and sharing these excerpts that have impacted them quickly broke down walls and built up friendships.


The hubby is still on cloud nine from the whole evening. Having all his favorites together and being so encouraged and having space to encourage back. It is his gift and  his passion to lift others up, and he does it so well.

Cheers to another year of life big guy!

The Big Small

This feels big.

The type of overwhelming big that makes you think, “maybe this was a bad idea.” The beginning of something is always scary I suppose. But the first post, it is big right? Like, we all have those middle school AIM names that we cringe at the thought of, or facebook or twitter posts that come up in timehop and you just want to go back and yell at your old self “WHAT IN ALL THE WORLD?” I think this feels so weighty because I really do not want this to be like that. (The AIM name was spazzgurl… and how about this gem


I have spent quite a bit of time (an embarrassing bit, if I am honest) stalling on this start. I have  talked myself in and out (and in again, and out again) of beginning this blog. I have made excuses like, “I have to plan more” or “I need more time to research.” I have this voice in my head, I find I am fighting it even now, that is so loud, saying “who are you? What are your qualifications? Who cares about what you think?” That inner mean girl can be downright nasty. Maybe you can relate?

Lately I have been seeing just how much that mean girl has stolen from me, and I am kind of over it. Instead of letting her voice control my life, I am starting here by telling her “thank you for trying to protect me, but those words are not true and you are not serving me anymore.” I am starting here, with this first blog post, to live from a place of enough. My mind is enough, my voice is enough, my experiences are enough.

So here is to firsts, to the start of something new.

Here is to a graceful growing.

A growing, and regrowing in the depths of grace from Abba.

A grace-filled life grown deep, rediscovered, explored, experienced, shared.

A growing in grace for myself, grace for the journey, grace for fellow sojourners.

A place to share the journey of this graceful growing.

So, this is big, and it is not big at all.

I guess it’s like a peony. It begins as this small little bud that, with the right care, explodes into this huge beautiful flower. These posts may just be the buds, the beginnings of a journey to discovering myself and my passions. This blog just a garden to share the journey of growing. A garden that maybe inspires you to cultivate your own, whatever that looks like.

The starts may be small, maybe even a little chaotic, but dang, those flowers, when they come, they are sure something special.

So let’s start that garden eh?

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