January Heart to Heart


Do you mind if I set the stage for these monthly meet ups?

I think we will call them heart to hearts (unless you can help me think of something better? It’s not the most original is it?)

So this is your invitation to a standing date, once a month, just to catch up. What’s been happening in our worlds? Where are our hearts at? How are we processing the month that has passed and what are our dreams for the one coming?

Could you do me a favor, and pretend with me for a little bit. Since its been so darn cold these last few days, we will meet up at my place this month. Lets wrap our hands around a nice warm cup of our favorite hot drinks (I am in the mood for coconut milk latte), and we will cozy up under blankets on my comfy green couches.

Oh friend. It’s so great to see you again. Thanks for taking some time out to spend with me. It really means the world to me that you came by.

How are you? What has been going on in your world?

January was a little nutty for us, but like honey roasted cashews kind of nutty (as in nutty in the best way). We were so busy but life-giving exciting busy, you know?

After the holidays we joined a whole bunch of friends in taking on Whole30. This was actually our second time doing it. Have you ever done Whole30? It’s a dietary reset program aimed at healing your body and revealing food sensitivities you may not even have known you have (you should check out their website).  I feel so good, I am seriously considering sticking it out through February, in which case you will be hearing much more about it in posts to come.

Bobby always raves about how good he feels on it, but pizza is his kryptonite. He caved on day 20 at a school event where he had to eat said pizza without any hands, after spinning around a bat (in his defense it was for a good cause, and under those circumstances I am sure he didn’t enjoy it).

I can’t even process all that’s going on in our world right now. I feel like this month, to spite all of the wonderful experiences we have had, the state of our country is just this lingering fear, sadness, confusion, heart ache, darkness. I am not sure how political I want to be on here, but it’s been so heavy, and its so serious, I can’t say nothing. My heart hurts for so many people, people that I know personally and I don’t, that live in real fear now. I’m sure this won’t be the last thing I say, but for now this is as much as I feel safe sharing so publicly while we are still getting to know each other… maybe this is cowardly… could you spare me some grace?

Half way through the month one of my closest friends (who happens to be my sister-in-law) shipped California to begin her adventure at YWAM. Bobby and I were able to have a dinner-prophecy-prayer party before she left, and it was amazing. Maybe I will write a separate post with some details for that in case you ever wanted to do something similar. God really blessed us and her in that sweet space we made for him. We all asked God for a word that we felt He had for her regarding this time in California so we could share and pray it over her. We made this for her to take with her and remember. img_4742

Bobbys birthday was this month and we celebrated for just about a full week. I wrote about his party here if you want to check it out.

February is shaping up to be amazing. We are going to a couple of concerts and I am SO EXCITED, but I am going to leave you guessing who until we meet next month (or until you see it somewhere else on the internets).

I have a week off, so I am hoping to spend a few days in silence and solitude, maybe on the beach. God and I need some good exclusive time, but if I am honest it scares me a bit. I don’t always like myself that much (I am working on it) and I am afraid God wont show (silly fear maybe, but it’s there nonetheless). Would you pray for me? Do any of you have some tips on how to do this well? Have you done a personal retreat before?

My big sisters baby shower is this month, and I get to decorate! I can’t wait to celebrate her and my future niece!!


I’m digging into this blogging thing for February. Taking a swing to see if maybe there is a little seed of passion there, let’s see if it grows?!

How was your January?

What are you looking forward to for February?

Are you reaching for any dreams or goals this month?

(header photo courtesy of my incredible sister-in-law)

2 thoughts on “January Heart to Heart

  1. my January was great went by really quick but then again the past 8 months have been flying by! I am excited for feb but been so consumed with my upcoming shower for my daughter I forgot my birthday was here .. Which I am so loved by so many incredible people who shower me with love … I have been down lately in finding out that I have gained 12lbs in 4 weeks while pregnant with this miracle. I tell myself I won’t let it get to me but it does and I am working on it . My goals for the future are to nurture my daughter to be born healthy and strong and feel as much love as she can ! She already is so deeply loved and isn’t even here yet .. My heart is so full from that so I am choosing to focus on the positive and not have myself be in the negative anymore 😀


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