F that…



I feel like my fitness story is not a conventional one.

I also realize I don’t necessarily “look” the part to be posting workouts.


But I am just going to take a moment and say F that.

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you this feels horrifyingly vulnerable, but it also feels important.


Fitness is not about looking a certain way.

It is not about hating your body.

It is not about reducing the load of your gravitational pull on the earth.


It IS about loving and caring for the one body you have.

It IS about empowering yourself.

It IS about finding your reason and going after it. In this moment, for me that reason is reducing the weight of depression, and being a significantly more balanced human when I make space to decompress through movement.


So about that “not looking the part,” that is a real vulnerable spot for me. I know there are people out here who will judge, maybe make fun of me, but if I am going to be sincere with you, “practice what I preach,” then I have to say (and live out) it doesn’t matter.

I will never forget, I was out shopping with a friend, and started thumbing through workout clothes and found something I liked that wasn’t available in my size. I did the ladies shopping-together-thing and told my friend with a groan of disappointment, to which she replied “I guess they think only skinny people work out.”

Okay okay okay, I know that was a rough thing for her to say, I may have shed some tears over it on the way home, but in her defense I think she just spoke too quickly. But it’s true isn’t it? We all have this expectation that the kind of women who exercise have a specific body type, could happily go days without eating, and when they do eat it is exclusively spinach salad with grilled chicken (hold the dressing please).

I think part of the reason we have this image is that women like me, and maybe like you, feel too intimidated to put themselves out there, to take up space in that world.

Well, humbly, I am over it. I have dragged my heels starting this thing because of that intimidation and I am done with that. I have found too much joy and healing through fitness to hide because of the way I look, especially when that isn’t even close to the point.

So in the future, come by these parts and join me for a nice decompression session (like what i did there?) No stereotypes here, all are welcome, let’s get after it together.


What is your fitness story?

What is your why?

What do you love about your body?

What kind of movement makes you feel good?

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