Friday Finds 3.3.17

Helllooooo friends!

It. Is. Friday!

This. Is. Me.

(Digging the new Ed Sheeran record of course)

Here are some things from the world wide web:

  1. A friend introduced me to the Modern Love podcast. I have only listened to a few episodes and I love it. I need more deeply light hearted  (that seems oxymoronic, but listen and I bet you’ll feel the same) and human sentiment in my life, and this hit the spot. (The David Oyelowo episode from January 25 is a great one to start with).
  2. There is nothing better than an easier method producing a better end result.So easy to personalize. So simple, so yum.
  3. I saw the hype, I caved into the hype, and this stuff delivered.
  4. I got this incredible birthday gift and it has me itching for farmers market season so I can bring it everywhere.
  5. A good word for every relationship really.
  6. & a friendly reminder to check this out.

Hope you have a happy weekend everyone!

Let me know what caught your eye this week.

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