Friday Finds 3.24.17

I am sure I do not need to remind you, but just in case, its FRIDAYYYYYY!!! I will be celebrating a good friends birthday tomorrow night and I am PUMPED! This is what I reckon the night will look like…

Hubby is off for grad classes the. whole. weekend. That is a bit of a bummer, but I am looking forward to some recharging time. What are your plans for the freakin weekend?


Here’s what I found on the web

  1. If you do anything this week, please give this a listen. Maybe you don’t agree with everything (thats okay), but there are some universal nuggets of GOLD in here. Straight. Up. Gold.
  2. Could it really  be this easy?
  3. Remember Wednesday’s post? Sometimes we don’t fit into neat boxes (also, this pretty much sums me up).
  4. Some helpful tips to tackle your health goals.
  5. If someone wanted to buy this for me, I wouldn’t stop you.
  6. & in honor of birthday celebrations.



photo credit unsplash
(in honor of yesterdays national holiday,
and how I intend to spend Sunday 😆😆😆)

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