Health and Fitness Resource Round-up

Hello again friends.

I am currently figuring out some technical details to improve our weekly workouts (thanks for having grace for that). You know I couldn’t leave you hanging in the mean time, so I am coming at you with a round up of some of my favorite fitness resources.

Form and basic movement:

    This is a great place to find exercise ideas and demonstrations of basic moves. If you are ever working out at home, and are unsure of your form, this is a great place to go and double check. The best part is the side bar that allows you to select what body part you want to work, along with what equipment you have available to build a great routine on your own. I have linked specifically to the “exercise finder” but there are tons of resources available here, such as lifting plans, meal plans, and exercise videos.
  2. Fitness blender
    Another helpful round-up of individual movements. Like Bodybuilding, this site also includes other helpful resources like workout videos, plans, recipes and more.


Fitness blogs:

These are a few of my go to blogs. Most of these include a little bit of everything, exercise, recipes, motivation, information etc.

  1. Pumps & Iron
    I talk about this one often. I think this lady is amazing and I love just about everything she does. You can find work out based on structure, equipment, and target area. Nicole offers a great variety of workouts to do from home, or in the gym.
  2. Popsugar Fitness
    If you have ever wanted to try one of the latest fitness trends but don’t want to commit to a boutique gym before you know you like it, chances are you can find a video and give it a whirl over at Popsugar. They have all kinds of work out videos from popular trainers and many other resources like health and fitness related articles, recipes, blog posts and more.
  3. Yoga with Adriene
    I will confess, yoga is not my jam, but I am sure some of you find it to be just the jam you want. Whenever the mood hits me, I head straight for Adriene’s page. She is easy to follow and great for beginners or pros alike.



  1. Nike Training Club
    friends, this one is a must! FULL of workouts you can do from your phone wherever you are with whatever you have. Get. It!
  2. Interval Timer
    I am sure there are plenty of fancier interval timers out there, but this one gets the job done for me. If you ever want to create your own timed workout, this has everything you need.
  3. My Fitness Pal
    If you are looking for a way to pay more attention to what you are eating (in a way that is healthy for both your body and MIND of course) this app is what you need.



  1. Andie Mitchell 
    Andie wrote a beautiful memoir telling of her weight loss journey, which is a sweet reminder that while health is important, loving yourself is as well. She is full of grace and kindness and balance. Oh, and her food just looks so darn tasty.
  2. Food Faith Fitness
    so much yum. I love how easy FFF makes it to find recipes based on your dietary needs and how she easily turns not so healthy favorites into better for you goodness. Mmm
  3. Mind Body Musings Podcast
    This is more for mental health, and though there are a few podcasts I love along this vein, so as not to overwhelm you, I’ll start with this one. Maddy was a former fitness competitor who realized how destructive that world and mentality was for her. Her early episodes focused strongly on body positivity and her current work has grown to include a wider array of holistic wellness topics. I discovered her early on in my fitness journey and I am so glad I did. As an all or nothing person, she offered a balance I really needed.


I could keep going and going, but I will leave it at this for today. What are some other health and fitness resources you love?


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