An Invitation

Hey there friends. It is workout Wednesday. Yet here I am without a workout. I actually filmed one for you but I am still learning the camera and the lighting was kind of a mess, so I will try again next week.

I had planned on just skipping a Wednesday post entirely this week, but I was doing a little home workout and had an idea that I just couldn’t shake.

Of course it’s super vulnerable and totally scary. I guess that’s been the story of this blog so far, so I suppose I’ll just stick with it.

Here’s the thing, I have called this The Graceful Growing; I have talked about us going on a journey together, growing together, trying new things and navigate this process together, right? I was realizing though that as far as the fitness component of this growing, I have not invited you into the journey, like into the nitty gritty of it. Sure its pretty darn vulnerable to post videos of myself working out for the world to see, and that’s an invitation to move together. I have been pretty open about where I am coming from and some of my struggles, and that’s an invitation to be open with one another.  

But I  am feeling like there is more, and that maybe letting you in on the more will be a blessing for both of us.

See I am very much still on a journey here. In fact this past year has me feeling as though I am restarting entirely with fitness. I transitioned into a new job and a new town (without a gym membership) and totally let fitness hit the back burner (and dang it is incredible how quickly a year can go by). That started the vicious cycle of not working out →  not sleeping well → being too tired to work out. Oh and don’t forget the other one; not working out → feeling depressed → negative self talk “why bother to work out, you’re a quitter anyway / you won’t reach your goals /  all the Eeyore things.”

I am desperately wanting to step out off this merry-go-round friends. There was a time when I was so encouraged by the community that a fitness practice could bring. There was a time where I felt fired up about sharing that. There was a time when I felt so empowered by what my body could do and by the truth that I could work hard and achieve something I wanted. I want that back, all of that. Community, calling, empowerment. I think this idea might help me get there, and might help you reach your own goals if you decide you want to join me.

Remember when we talked personality a few weeks ago? I told you that I am an obliger, which means I am great at meeting external expectations, but not so great at meeting internal ones (hence no gym membership has been my undoing). The way, then, for me to meet inner expectations is to make them external, to ask for accountability. So here I am, straight up asking for it.

The idea is this; I want to tell you what my goals are, as raw as I can be, in writing on the blog where it cannot be taken back. I want to tell you all the ways I plan to reach those goals, and how I will be accountable to doing what I say. Would you be willing to hold me up? Would you mind cheering me on?

Here is the best and most important part though, if you would come along, we can get some of that community that got me excited about fitness in the first place. We may not be able to exercise together or meet up face to face to talk about how we are doing (gah I wish we could), but we can use this wonderful world of the internet to get a little closer. We can become a community seeking to reach our goals together. I’ll tell you my goals and plans, and if your goals look like mine, email me and do it with me! If your goals look a little different, email me what yours are and we can come up with something together and I will hold you up.

This will make more sense if I tell you what I am doing huh? This is what I am thinking for the next 30 days (Starting on Monday 😜) …

The goals:

  • Get back what this year has lost, specifically return to a place where I would be comfortable taking or leading a group fitness class
  • Lose weight
  • Work on bad eating habits
  • Love myself

The action plan:

  • Work out at 4-5 days a week (emphasize HIIT training to regain stamina)
  • Practice mindful eating and commit to exercising
  • Whole30 / Keto
  • Prayer, positivity, podcasts?

The accountability plan:

  • Instagram story / post workouts
  • A before and after post on the blog & weekly progress pictures and weigh ins (in a private group for people who want to join).
  • I will follow whole30 protocol and keep notes on how I am feeling to actually determine and pay attention to what works and what does not. I will share some of the highlights in the weekly weigh ins and in the final before and after.
  • I will share weekly positivity either of my own, or from others and actively prayer journal through this process (ideally daily but at least once a week)


I need to disclaimer real quick (I know this is a long post, thanks for bearing with me); I wrestled quite a bit with this idea, because I am very fearful of this being perceived wrongly or being a trigger for some of you out there. This is about more than just the way I (or you) look, it’s about reclaiming what makes me feel best, what helps me feel like my best self. For me at this time, that means reclaiming fitness and dropping some weight that depression and ignoring my body packed on. It’s not about putting attention on myself, but about inspiring others and practicing what I preach by asking for help because I need it. It’s not about shame or reaching what the world says is an “ideal body.” I say all that to beg you, if this is a trigger for you, please feel free to ignore these posts. And while we are at it, accountability is more than just having you keep me going toward what I want, I would love to hear from you if you think I need some balance here.


If you have questions or want to join me, send me an email over in the contact section. If enough of us want to do this together (remember it’s about being accountable to any goals, not just ones like mine) I will create a private group (probably on Facebook) for what we may not be ready to share with all of the social media world.
Will you take my hand? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and to dive into this together.

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