A big warm welcome

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was busy meeting MY BRAND NEW NIECE!

My sister went into labor Saturday night, so Sunday morning I frantically worked everything out to spontaneously hit the road (BIG thanks to everyone who helped me pull that off!)  I arrived in Buffalo just in time for her first hours and to spend the night with my super hero sister before turning around and coming right back.

I am so glad I did.

Here she is, Miss Kinsley Marie.


Don’t let the first picture fool you, she loves the swaddle.

IMG_0080 (1).JPGIMG_0089

Can you believe all that hair?


She is perfect friends. She is strong willed like her mama and she loves to cuddle. I just want to eat her. So. In. LOVE!

& My sister, I am in complete awe. She is a MOM and she is kicking butt at her first days on the job! She is so brave, so calm even through the screams. Gosh I am so proud and my little niece is so darn lucky.

13-fav-13Kinsley looks just like her mama am I right?


2 thoughts on “A big warm welcome

  1. Beautiful Mom. Beautiful Baby.
    The photo’s are amazing.
    How touching that you made the trip.. I am sure it meant so much to your sister. She will hold that gesture in her heart forever.


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