Lower Body Burn Out

As promised I am coming at ya with a lower body burn for this week. We are doing the same set up as last week, 35 seconds active, 15 seconds hold, and 10 seconds to rest and set up. I hope you are ready to burn and SWEAT.

Grab mat, turn up your pump up music, get some dumbbells if your feeling brave. Lets GO!

The written breakdown:
Active move 35 seconds
Static hold 15 Seconds
Rest 10 seconds


  1. Side Lunge Right
    Hold low
  2. Back Lunge Right
    Hold low
  3. Curtsey Lunge Right
    Hold low



  1. Duck Squat
    Hold low
  2. Standard Squat
    Hold low
  3. Pliet Squat
    Hold low

Pilates Legs

  1. Ceiling Stomp : Right
    Hold up
  2. Fire Hydrant : Right
    Hold up
  3. Elbow to Corner Tap : Right
    Hold corner



  1. Hip Bridges
    Hold up
  2. Clam : Right
    Hold up
  3. Clam : Left
    Hold up


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