Do Me a Favor

Would you do me a favor today?

It would really mean a lot to me.

It is no secret that depression has been a frequent follower of mine. I have found myself thinking of the constant struggle within me when I find that naggy monster at my side. Maybe if depression has followed you around too you know exactly what I am talking about. The whole, desperately wanting people to come alongside you, but being terrified of actually being with people. Needing friends more than ever but feeling like you don’t know how to be a friend, or how to ask for what you need.

This podcast challenged me over the weekend (warning there is some rough language). It brought words to some of the feelings I have had in the past and sometimes experience now. I was reminded of the wonderful friends and family who have come alongside even when it was hard, and probably very frustrating and confusing.

Today though, my heart feels heavy for others in this bitter place. The place of needing and wanting but not knowing what or how. The heaviness becomes pretty unbearable when I think about how easy it is for those people to hide, and to be glossed over. Honestly I can be one of the best hiders.

So if you could, just reach out to someone today. Tell them your thinking of them. Better yet, remind them why you like them, remind them of all the goodness you see in them. You never really know what burdens those around you carry. What I do know is, speaking life and encouragement to someone takes a little piece of that burden, and we could all use some help from time to time.

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