A note to my person, five years in

Five years.

If our marriage were a kid, that kid would be going to kindergarten this year, just starting school.

That feels about right.

Five years in, we have lived in more places and moved more boxes than I care to remember (but I will gratefully admit you took on many more boxes than me). We have traveled many miles, and have had some of our best conversations by the glow of the dashboard lights. We have explored new places and critiqued a good few coffee spots and eateries. We have celebrated birthdays and weddings and babies and end of the school years and a million small things in between.We have done a whole lot of life together. Gosh we were just babies five years ago. It really is a special blessing that we have gotten to grow up together, to find our place in the world side by side.



We have discovered, explored, lost, and rediscovered passions and dreams. We have rejoiced on some mountaintops, wept in many valleys.


Yes, we have argued. Sometimes with voices too loud and with tears that left our eyes swollen and heads aching. Maybe that’s another thing we have done more times than I want to remember. Though if the last five years have taught me anything, those loud words and hot tears have some real power to grow our roots deep, to strengthen our love for each other, to teach us significant lessons, when we let them.

464908_455075161199133_452815303_oBut, all that we have seen, all that we have learned, all that we have grown, is just the beginning. There is just so much more to learn, so much room to grow, so much life to share. Sure five years is no small thing, but I have to be honest, I am giddy at the thought of what’s coming. So many adventures await us. Just like the last five, the next will certainly have some hardships. You know what though, I can’t think of anyone I would rather face them with. Even through the hardest moments, you are my person, my very best friend.  

download (2)


So here’s to the next five years and the rest of our lives, to more adventures, more dreams, and more growing. Bobby, you are the man of my dreams and the true love of my life, thanks for sticking it out with me.



Photos curtesy of Rocksteady Images & Rooted & Crowned Photography

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