Being On Purpose

Maybe you have noticed things have been a little sparse around here. More Monday’s have passed without a post than I want to be honest with myself about (and I will just casually gloss over the fact that it is now Tuesday…) Oh and remember the good old days when I was posting workouts? That was a great five minutes wasn’t it?

Here we are at another week, and to be totally honest, I started writing feeling entirely uninspired. The idea of writing a post felt way more like an obligation than a joyful desire. I had a real urge to just say “screw it” again this week, to play the “oh well, how many people even notice” soundtrack in my head.

As the mind loop started, something in me decided to stop, slow down and ask myself a few things. Why am I feeling this way and what do I need to do about it?

You know what I realized? I have lost sight of the vision, have totally neglected the intention of this thing, and surprise surprise, chasing the wrong purpose has me tapped out.

I began this experiment with the purpose of exploring, processing, trying new things and sharing what lights my heart up. Somehow, over a short few months I have been treating this as though the goal was to be a “blogger” to find a niche and get myself in it. I have been treating it like the intention was to post for your approval, for your attention. I mean, sure, if there wasn’t any desire for this to help you somehow I wouldn’t be doing this thing publicly, but that intention to help and encourage got twisted into a desire for praise and “likes.”

This isn’t really about the blog though. It started there, but asking myself that why question made me realize just how critical setting (and sticking to) your intentions is.

News flash, life is freaking hard (she says with extreme sarcasm directed at herself). When we set out to do something, anything, there will be obstacles to overcome, decisions to make, and days when you just. don’t. wanna. In those moments, intentions guide you, they fill the gap.

When your purpose is clear, and that purpose is valuable to you, obstacles become much less daunting. Or, if you find those obstacles consistently being too much, perhaps that purpose is not valuable to you, then you know it’s time to think about making a change. Perhaps the whole endeavor should be scrapped, or like me, the obstacles feel overwhelming because the methods aren’t matching the purpose.

When your intentions are set, you can stand your options up against them, and make the choice for what lines up best. Should I stick to one specific niche on this blog? If my purpose is approval and blog-o-sphere success, absolutely. If my purpose is trying new things and sharing my passions, that doesn’t seem so important.

Clear intentions become the bootstraps you pull yourself up by on the “I don’t wanna” days. Like when I just would rather not work out, I remember the purpose is to be healthy in mind body and soul, so I can ask myself why. Why do you not wanna wittle baby girl? (Just kidding about the baby stuff, try to have compassion for yourself mmkay.) Am I just in a mood, or does my body need rest? If I am in a mood, skipping the lift sesh doesn’t meet my purpose, but if my body needs rest, you bet I am taking it because whole health is the point!

So I am going to ask you, what is your intention?

What is the intention in your friendship/dating relationship/marriage? Are you thinking about it in the middle of that argument? Are you fulfilling it?

What is your goal in your work? Is what you are doing and the way you go about it the best way?

What is the heart behind your side hustle? Does your effort ignite that flame?

What is the point of your faith/spirituality? Is your practice in alignment?

What are your health goals and why? Do you consider them when you chose a workout, or go grocery shopping?

I am going to get existential on you, brace yourself.
What is the intention of your life? Not the pieces that make up your life (like all the stuff up there), but the whole shebang? Do all those pieces align with that purpose?

You want in on my life purpose? I want to deeply love God and deeply love people. I want my life to be marked by authenticity, vulnerability, depth, and helpfulness.

So let’s bring it around shall we? I have been feeling self conscious about the all-over-the-place-ness of this blog, but the purpose is to explore and share what ignites passion in me, and you know what, that happens to be a whole bunch of all-over-the-place things. More importantly, in this season, doing the blog thing (when that purpose is squared up) is lined up with my life purpose. So, I will get myself back on track and keep on keeping on.

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